Introducing Elementor Pinterest Feed Widget & Magazine and News Bundle Improvements

Elementor Smart Post Listing widget got improved

We’ve added a Load More Button option that uses AJAX to load more posts to make your page faster and prevent overloading your server on page load. We also added a new style for the widget title and fixed some issues related to the Filters Menu!

Additionally, we fixed the issue that the Spanish language in our Elementor Weather Forecast widget.

Discover the enhanced browsing experience. Visit the widget demo page today!

Elementor Smart Post Listing Improvements
Elementor Smart Post Listing Improvements

Alternative Gold API option in Elementor News Ticker widget

We got messages from our users that the gold data is not showing anymore because the Gold API quota was exceeded. So, an alternative Gold API Key option in our News Ticker widget has been added! Now, you can add an alternative API to ensure uninterrupted gold price updates when the quota of the primary API is exceeded.

Uncover the latest features. Dive into our News Tickers widget demo page now!Elementor News Ticker Widget Alternative Gold API


In conclusion, Premium Addons is thrilled to introduce the Elementor Pinterest Feed widget, designed exclusively for our valued users. Seamlessly preview pins, enhance user experience with Smart Post Listing, and keep your audience engaged with the News Ticker’s alternative API option. Elevate your content presentation and unleash the power of innovation.


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