How to Improve Elementor / WordPress Based Websites Performance

One of the most important things while creating a WordPress website using Elementor Page Builder is increasing website loading speed so the visitors don’t suffer from slow-loading pages. This helps to improve user experience and decrease website bounce rate. Not just that, search engines consider website loading speed as an important factor to rank your website and move it up or down in the search results based on the time it takes to load your website pages loading speed.

In this guide, we will show some important tips to boost your Elementor website loading speed which will help to increase your site ranking on search engines using different tools, and the options included in Premium Addons for Elementor plugin that helps you to decrease the server loading and improve performance.

Elementor Website Performance with Premium Addons

Premium Addons for Elementor plugin supercharges Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly customizable Elementor essential addons and widgets, 400+ premade Elementor templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required.

Premium Addons for Elementor team has been working on improving the plugin core by removing any unnecessary code, HTML container, etc. to minimize the loading speed. Also, we have added new options to detect the unused elements and disable them and generate CSS/JS files dynamically based on the premium elements that exist in your Elementor page/post.

Generate Dynamic Assets for Elementor Website

We have recently added an option in Premium Addons for Elementor plugin to improve the way used to load widgets` assets by generating the JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files dynamically based on the Premium elements used in the current Elementor page/post.

This option will help your website to run faster and improve page load by removing duplicated codes, unused CSS, and decreasing the size of the assets files loaded on your Elementor website page. Dynamic assets loading means that CSS and JS files loaded on your page will contain the code of the only widgets on your page.

Red Arrow Pointing to Dynamic Assets Option in Premium Addons for Elementor
Generate Dynamic CSS/JS Assets for Elementor Premium Addons

Disable Unused Widgets for Elementor Premium Addons Plugin

Disable Unused Elementor Widgets option also has been recently added. It detects the unused widgets in Premium Addons for Elementor and Premium Addons Pro and deactivates them. You can find this button on WP Dashboard > Premium Addons for Elementor > Widgets & Addons tab.

This option helps to minimize the number of requests sent to your server when you are on Elementor editor page by loading the PHP, CSS, and Javascript files of the used widgets only. This decreases the time it takes to load the editor page and helps to fix Elementor editor panel stuck, never loads, and a spinner is showing.

Please check this article for more information about how to improve Elementor page builder Editor speed and fix Elementor editor infinite loading problem.

Disable Unused Elementor Widgets in Premium Addons Dashboard
Disable Unused Widgets in Premium Addons Dashboard

Reduce Server Requests and Enhance Elementor Website Loading Speed

One more thing that slows Elementor loading speed is loading unnecessary Javascript files on your website. Premium Addons includes Elementor Google Maps widget that depends on Google Maps API JS file. So, if you are not using Premium Google Maps widget on your website, you can disable loading Google maps API JS file from Google Maps API, then uncheck Load Maps API JS File.

Please check this article for more information about how to reduce server requests for Elementor.

Red Arrow Pointing to Load Maps API JS file option in Premium Addons for Elementor Dashboard
Disable Premium Add-ons API Request

Speed Up Elementor Pages With Many Lottie Animations

Premium Addons is fully compatible with Lottie Animations. We added Elementor Lottie Animations widget and Elementor Lottie Animations addon elements. Those Lottie animations are by default rendered as SVG, but it’s a large size or many-layered animations. That maybe will lead to a slow down to your website page. So, added an option to render the animations as Canvas to improve page speed, please note that Canvas doesn’t support all Lottie Animations for example stacking multiple subtracting masks.

Please check this article for more clarification about Lottie Animation rendering.

Premium Addons has recently integrated Lottie Animation with Premium Addons widgets.

Red Arrow Pointing to Render As Option for Elementor Lottie Animations elements
Render Lottie Animation as SVG or Canvas

Minimum Requirements for Elementor Page Builder

Elementor website loading speed issues are usually related to lack of PHP memory or time limit. So, you should be sure that your website has the minimum system requirements to use Elementor Page Builder and Premium Addons for Elementor plugin.

To check your system info, please navigate to your WP dashboard -> Premium Addons for Elementor Dashboard -> System Info tab. Then

  • Make sure that PHP Memory Limit is 300Mb or higher.
  • Make sure that PHP Time Limit to 300 or higher.

Here’s an article showing how you can change PHP Memory Limit and PHP Time Limit on your server


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